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  1. That's exactly what I needed. Thanks a million!
  2. I figured out some of the issues. Several of the male face Normal textures import as generic textures. Once I changed them to Normal textures, nearly all of the issues vanished. My remaining issue may be the result of my severe lack of experience with UMA, or it might be a bug that crept in after an UMA update... I'm unsure. This is all done in the HairStyles demo scene. The issue is that the hair remains white when I set the color inside of the Dynamic Character Avatar script. If I play the demo scene, open the UMARenderer, and change the Diffuse Color in the UM_HairPack_Mastermaterial, then the hair tints correctly. Because it's not accepting the Dynamic Character Avatar tint, I'm unable to choose a color prior to spawning the UMA. Any idea how to fix that? I'm very new to UMA, so I don't know how all of the different scripts interrelate yet.
  3. This is probably the wrong place to post this, but I didn't see anywhere for general issues/questions. I just imported the UMA Hair pack and ran the Hairstyles Scene that comes with it. All of the hairstyles are blocky black and white and won't color. Any faces with beards are getting really bad artifacts. They turn black in any kind of shadow. Any idea what I might be missing?
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