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  2. Any chance that there will be a UMA version of the sci-fi base customizable characters female/male?
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  4. This is the only place I could post a message. I bought the asset Arteria3d 17th Birthday UMA Special which according to the description should allow me to download all UMA models, how do I actually download them?
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  6. Hello Admin, I am creating a game, and it look like I can not download any files for some reason, I need theses animals :)


    My error: you aren't permitted to download this file

  7. They download fine, and just checked again for you What exactly happens?
  8. Can't download monsters from "creatures and horror" category: https://arteria3d.invisionzone.com/files/category/10-creatures-amp-horror-animated-characters/ could you fix this please?
  9. Athenian UMA Armour Set View File Athenian UMA Armour Set Submitter admin Submitted 07/30/2021 Category UMA  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Athenian UMA Armour Set
  11. I've purchased the wise old wizard for fuse, where can I download?
  12. Hi I’ve just sent the links for you Steve
  13. I bought https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/collections/f-u-s-e/products/female-knight https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/products/paladin-armour-for-fuse and don't see download links. help
  14. I will be revamping all these older packs to correct scale and urp hdrp ready with full make overs shortly
  15. I tried castle pack 2 and medieval market. I used them as fbx model with unity. In unity, different models seems setting each scale. i have to adjust each model scale in order to use with character. In the attached file, cube is 1x1x1 means 1meter x 1meter x 1meter. The width of door looks small for human, maybe 3x3x3 scale for the buildings looks suitable. if you have recommended scale for models, can i have the information ? for example, how long is door width suitable ?
  16. This is currently not available due to an error on WeTransfer and error with the original files. Ive actually paused it on the store until this can be rectified.
  17. I cannot seem to find the download for the Knight Enforcer. I see it on products page for purchase but there is no download link.
  18. Roman Soldier for UMA 'Stunner John' View File This Roman Solder Costume for Unity UMA, is for the Stunner John Avatar. This Avatar can be downloaded for free from the Unity Asset Store via the pack 'Stunner Jane & John' Submitter admin Submitted 04/11/2021 Category UMA  
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This Roman Solder Costume for Unity UMA, is for the Stunner John Avatar. This Avatar can be downloaded for free from the Unity Asset Store via the pack 'Stunner Jane & John'
  20. I had this problem today. I could not download using Chrome, but I could download using the new Edge (which is also based on Chromium).
  21. Invision support have just contacted me. They have asked you to please clear your casche and try again, as there is no reasaon this should be happening, especially when testing has shown downloads are working Steve
  22. Thanks for posting the video too, please see below too, i took a short video, and the downloads start immediatally. Im looking forward to hearing back from Inivision about what this could be What browser are you using? bandicam 2021-03-11 15-06-58-477.mp4
  23. Ive contacted there support again. This really is strange. I know it doesnt help me saying i can download fine, but i have no issues at all. I wonder what is causing this Any downloads you require in the meantime, just let me know and i can direct link you Best Steve
  24. Almost all of them do not function, they just return back to the page. Of all the ones I attempted to download, only the Victorian and MilitarySeries_BD_UMA_Arteria3d worked https://gyazo.com/a371cd36e5277a581ac194cb93951f42
  25. Its come to my attention that a few customers are experiencing download issues, whilst others are not. I myself can download without any issue. Ill report this to Invision who host the forums and get them to check into it Thanks Steve
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