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  1. Temple dweller isn't in the downloads section either. https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/collections/uma/products/egyptian-temple-dweller-for-uma-2-5
  2. The shoulder armor on the "Knight Enforcer" has an issue with the rigging, part of the mesh sticks out, it seems to be tied to the neck. You can see this is the default idle UMA animation, when the character turns his head part of the shoulder will follow. Are you willing to upload a fix for this? I've attached an image.
  3. I like the idea of seeing a few more worn down pieces of armor, a hedge knight and a rogue outfit would be pretty sweet.
  4. Highly recommend Steve and Arteria3D, he's currently doing exclusive armors for me as well, everything has been quite smooth and he is extremely reliable.
  5. I've gone ahead and sent $17 your way, keep up the great work.
  6. Hi Steve, I was looking at the page you've setup and there appears to be a sale going on. Might want to readjust the prices, as I wanted to go for the $17 option but it was reduced to $6.80
  7. Steve is definitely still active, I talk to him nearly three times a week because of the exclusive work I've given him. Obviously because my own work is injecting funds into Arteria, this gives Steve a lot of breathing room and time to work on his Arteria line as well as my own work. So don't worry, Steve isn't going anywhere
  8. $25 is a drop in the bucket for me $90 for nearly 100 UMA items is like stealing from Steve honestly. There isn't anything on the Unity store like this and for my personal taste it is the only armor that is inspired by history and within the realms of realism instead of huge shoulderpads. I've donated $25 Steve, keep doing what your doing!
  9. Looking forward to it, thanks for all the hard work Steve!
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