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  1. @adminI was poking around on Costume Collections for Unity 5 UMA2 3D Characters – arteria3d and I don't seem to be able to find all the models shown to be part of the download list. I've got a lifetime membership, so I would assume all models in the shop should be downloadable. On a different note, not all scifi models have a female version, is that upcoming? Also a lot of the models seem to be based on an older version of UMA, not sure how to convert these to the regular wardrope recipe config, is there a write up somewhere?
  2. @adminAny chance that there will be a UMA version of the sci-fi base customizable characters female/male?
  3. This is the only place I could post a message. I bought the asset Arteria3d 17th Birthday UMA Special which according to the description should allow me to download all UMA models, how do I actually download them?
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