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  1. imgumbydammit

    UMA files usable for Fuse / UE4?

    You can use the free program upu.exe to decompress .unitypackage files and the models are typically in fbx format...https://github.com/derFunk/UPU
  2. imgumbydammit

    Updated ?

    Hi I noticed quite a few models on the fuse and unity 5 download pages have a "_" added that wasn't there before.Does this mean these have been updated ? thanks in advance Steve
  3. imgumbydammit


    Just wanted to show my appreciation for the great models you've been putting out lately.Nothing wrong with all the great previous work but the UMA stuff looks amazing..now just need to build a game around a few of them Thanks
  4. You'll need to contact Admin for link to the FUSE page ....
  5. imgumbydammit


    Thanks..donated at $12 level..just have to add a bit more ramen to this weeks menu j/k.....
  6. imgumbydammit


    I clicked on the donate link for the UMA Fund and unfortunately $25 is too rich for me at the moment but would like to contribute.Is there an alternate paypal address for those of us less fortunate but still wanting to contribute something ? thanks
  7. imgumbydammit

    ORC Plate Armour for FUSE

    Thought maybe bs was for BlackSmith but wasn't sure..thanks
  8. Hi Is the Orc Plate Armor for FUSE in the FUSE directory under a different name ?? ohhhh...and what are bs boots for ?? ,, thanks in advance
  9. imgumbydammit

    new castle pack 01

    gotcha..probably confused the search by the name all being one word "castlepack" as it's right here..http://arteria3d.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/227-castlepack-1/
  10. imgumbydammit

    new castle pack 01

    well I downloaded it and it seems to be exactly the same as the existing castle pack 1 file down to the byte so confused as to why now ??
  11. imgumbydammit

    new castle pack 01

    Hello I see a "new" castle pack 01 and it has unity 4 in the title..is this different than the previous version and is not compatible with unity 5 ?? thanks in advance
  12. imgumbydammit

    Medieval Tavern For Unity 5

    There's a medieval tavern for unity 5 in the Unity 5 PBR page you should have a link to if your member level is sufficient..send a message to Admin if in doubt
  13. imgumbydammit

    Ornate Castle

    Music ??Which version are you downloading?? If you're talking about the "Ornate Castle Generic" there should be .obj and .fbx files with image files for textures etc... Unity versions come with .unitypackage extension.Never seen the .pak file extension before (for the iClone version maybe ??) but apparently it's a file compression scheme that needs a tool to decompress..Google is your friend.

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