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  1. Hey tuxedojeff, thank you for the answer. I don't really need the files to be able to work with Fuse or UE4, only the file format is important for me. Anything from .obj, .fbx, .max, .3ds etc. is perfectly fine. I'm not sure if it's possible to export unitypackage into 3d files, my knowledge about unity is very limited. @Admin: Any chance to get the UMA Viking assets in a common 3d file format after purchase? Would be fantastic! Best Regards, TCH
  2. Hello, i'm interested in Viking Costume Pack for UMA 2.5 and above 1.0.0 is it possible to use the UMA Packs for Fuse / Unreal Engine 4 too? In which format does the files come?
  3. TCH

    Hi Admin,

    why i'm not permitted to download any files? What do i have to do for access?

    Best Regards, TCH

    1. TCH


      nvm, i found it. please delete this post, thank you :)

    2. Zed


      What was the solution??


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