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  1. Unfortunately the overseer isn't available due to problems with the original files
  2. Thats not needed, it was just a head model I was using from the hair pack, of which you can of course download
  3. Your link was sent immediately after purchase, could you check spam?
  4. Just emailed you, you need to import the separate spec map that is provided with the download
  5. Yeah, I've mentioned re the DWELLER before, this is unavailable now due to me loosing the original files for this
  6. The gladiator is in the full knight pack download I'll fix the other packs Monday with exception of overseer which is not available at this time due to a technical problem with the pack
  7. Unity FLAG Pack View File Unity FLAG Pack Submitter admin Submitted 05/22/2020 Category Unity Levels (NEW)  
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Unity FLAG Pack
  9. Not sure why that's happening, as I know this doesn't sound helpful, but many users are constantly downloading these packs. I've just tried too, and they downloaded as unity packages Out of interest can you try renaming the extension to. unitypackage?
  10. Those are unitypackages Runningbird, not rar or zips
  11. Not quite sure why this is happening for you, they are either zip or rar files Which packs in particular have done this for you Please perhaps try on another computer too
  12. I'll take a look next weekend when I'm back from my break
  13. Thank you, all fixed for you now
  14. I have received no email query on this, can you please contact me to resolve Thank you orders@arteria3d.co.uk Steve
  15. Hi Steve, Lennaert here, I have the lifetime license, but it seems that I am not able to download new content.

    Any chance of fixing that ?

    btw, hope your doing ok during these times. Sitting home a lot the last few months, so been busy undertaking some development projects.


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