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  1. This happens a lot with the feamel UMA - you will have to amend the animation so the shoulders are rotated out more. This would apply to all mecanim animations from my findings too
  2. You must use the shader pack for the hairpack, apologies if this wasn't mentioned in a readme in the pack, please download and use this
  3. Firstly are you using the free Ciconia two sided shaders from the Asset Store?
  4. Elementalist/Enchanter DUO pack for UMA View File Elementalist/Enchanter DUO pack for UMA Submitter admin Submitted 10/10/2019 Category UMA  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Elementalist/Enchanter DUO pack for UMA
  6. The packs do work with DCS, all do. Re your comment on using one set from one pack to another, that would be very very hard to accommodate, due to clothing shapes, and so fourth, so.. when you see a pack containing multi clothing such as the Knight armour pack, Viking Clothing pack, those packs are made specifically for that purpose of totally modularity When a costume pack is sold on its own(other than when its a single release from the larger pack), it will always be for its own use. Steve
  7. am a bit disappointed that I purchased stuff and the link didn't work - was promised that a working link would be provided but it never was and no more contact - pretty sure I've been screwed.

  8. FUSE Costumes are not downloaded via here, they are a separate page - and due to the niche area of FUSE, its a small addon to purchase that gives you access. Without this support for FUSE, I would never have been able to offer it to members - i.e. if no support was offered, it would be something I just wouldn't offer on Arteria3d. Ill email you with details Steve
  9. Yeah, I must admit this does sound interesting, love that picture inspiration
  10. Any tips on using Celts&Vikings UMA With Unity2018.3 with UMA2 ? I'm a nube and struggling to apply recipes to my UMA as it can't seem to find them - UMAREsourceNotFOundException: dSlitLibrary (211) 


    Any tips welcome 

    1. Localshop


      I may have found the solution (on Wardrobe page of UMA Wiki ) - require dragging everything into the UMA Menu -> UMA Global library to index them .. seems to be working

    2. Localshop


      perhaps these assets are aimed at ppl with more experience - feel like I got sold a bunch of stuff that I really wanted to get work but just wasted days messing about so for me has so far been a waste of time and money

  11. I really enjoy this style too and will be creating lots more. What would you like to see? I'll be adding these today to the download area
  12. It looks like the spec map is receiving lots of gloss from the surrounding lighting, and that's causing the over burden on the normal map details
  13. You use the download tab on this forum to access other packs Steve
  14. Where do I download my purchase? I did not receive anything after payment.

  15. Thank you for your question - ive just emailed you, your links Steve
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