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  2. This happens a lot with the feamel UMA - you will have to amend the animation so the shoulders are rotated out more. This would apply to all mecanim animations from my findings too
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  4. Hi, all. I'm new to animation and trying to figure out how to solve this issue (see pic). The female's thumbs penetrate her thighs. This doesn't happen with the male model. I'm using the animation clip "idle short." It's probably a simple fix, but I'm not sure where to start looking for a solution. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. M
  5. You must use the shader pack for the hairpack, apologies if this wasn't mentioned in a readme in the pack, please download and use this
  6. I figured it out. I had this set to "celts&vikings" somehow. I don't remember ever opening this Master Overlay file before, but changing it to this setting fixed it.
  7. Firstly are you using the free Ciconia two sided shaders from the Asset Store?
  8. Hello, all. I'm having a similar problem. Most hairstyles work fine, but there are a few that show up weird. I've done all of the above (shared color, changing normal map, etc.) but nothing seems to work. If I fool around with all of the colors, I can get some of the colors to change (see pic 2), but the silver part remains. It feels like I need to somehow have multiple textures/colors, but I can't figure it out. Thanks!
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  10. Thanks Steve. The Tribesman pack has bad slot exports. Might want to take a look if you get a chance. Thanks!
  11. Elementalist/Enchanter DUO pack for UMA View File Elementalist/Enchanter DUO pack for UMA Submitter admin Submitted 10/10/2019 Category UMA  
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Elementalist/Enchanter DUO pack for UMA
  13. The packs do work with DCS, all do. Re your comment on using one set from one pack to another, that would be very very hard to accommodate, due to clothing shapes, and so fourth, so.. when you see a pack containing multi clothing such as the Knight armour pack, Viking Clothing pack, those packs are made specifically for that purpose of totally modularity When a costume pack is sold on its own(other than when its a single release from the larger pack), it will always be for its own use. Steve
  14. cartoon View File ; Submitter KingSosupremee Submitted 10/09/2019 Category Cartoon Animated Characters  
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    cartoon View File cartoon Submitter Guest Submitted 10/09/2019 Category Cartoon Animated Characters  
  16. Seems like in the Tribesman package the Mesh exports are not correct. All slots are meesed up. Trying to do the export from the FBX. If anyone has this corrected please let me know if you can share the fix
  17. An additional question.. Are a lot of these clothing packs not compatible with the default UMA DCS structure? I just tried to work with the tribesman pack but the meshes are all messed up on the default DCS model.. Thanks!
  18. Steve. You do beautiful work. Thank you. My game development is FINALLY getting to the point I need to flesh out my UMA recipies and I am going to start being able to use your amazing assets. A question I have is that it appears alot of the assets are really designed to be a suit specific to that one character. This makes it so we can't, for example use the boots recipies from 1 pack with the leggings from another pack because they bleed through. Also alot of the packs are M/F specific. Would it be very difficult to make a female version (at least for the chest pieces) so they dont have naughty bits sticking through the mesh if we need to use the recipie on a female char? I am wondering if it is something I am doing wrong or have you considered making the slots more consistant so we can swap equipment (at least to some extent) across the packs. Thank you Steve! Mark PS: I have no idea what level of effort this would be. Maybe some context as to why we should or shouldnt be doing that. Thanks!
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    KLIWON Jagung

    KLIWON Jagung View File Kliwon Jagung Submitter Guest Submitted 09/16/2019 Category Medieval Environment packs  
  20. am a bit disappointed that I purchased stuff and the link didn't work - was promised that a working link would be provided but it never was and no more contact - pretty sure I've been screwed.

  21. FUSE Costumes are not downloaded via here, they are a separate page - and due to the niche area of FUSE, its a small addon to purchase that gives you access. Without this support for FUSE, I would never have been able to offer it to members - i.e. if no support was offered, it would be something I just wouldn't offer on Arteria3d. Ill email you with details Steve
  22. I can't help but notice the downloads page is very different from the front/store page. Many links are missing, seem outdated, or have slight naming variations. For example, the front page contains 4 pages of FUSE items, but the downloads page only contains "Leather Armour for FUSE", which on the front page is called "Warrior Leather Armour set for FUSE". None of the other FUSE items seen on the store page can be found within the forum's FUSE downloads section, and since many items found within the downloads section have blank thumbnail images to represent them, the naming of items gains that much more importance... So the inconsistency can be very confusing. As a lifetime member, I'm not even sure if I'm supposed to have access to all of these missing items, but I can only assume that I should. However, I have no idea how to access any of the things listed on the store page when so much of it can't easily be found within this forum's downloads page. Is any of this intended? Or could it possibly be cleaned up a bit? Sorry if this seems a little too demanding. I'm just trying to know what I paid for, what kind of access it should give me, and most importantly, how to access that content.
  23. Yeah, I must admit this does sound interesting, love that picture inspiration
  24. A Wild West Setting would be cool and would also match your Fuse Content!
  25. Any tips on using Celts&Vikings UMA With Unity2018.3 with UMA2 ? I'm a nube and struggling to apply recipes to my UMA as it can't seem to find them - UMAREsourceNotFOundException: dSlitLibrary (211) 


    Any tips welcome 

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      I may have found the solution (on Wardrobe page of UMA Wiki ) - require dragging everything into the UMA Menu -> UMA Global library to index them .. seems to be working

    2. Localshop


      perhaps these assets are aimed at ppl with more experience - feel like I got sold a bunch of stuff that I really wanted to get work but just wasted days messing about so for me has so far been a waste of time and money

  26. I really like the new barbarian and battle wizard too! Looking forward to downloading them! Also, I second the idea of a necromancer and more peasent-like costumes.
  27. I like the idea of seeing a few more worn down pieces of armor, a hedge knight and a rogue outfit would be pretty sweet.
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