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  3. Unfortunately the overseer isn't available due to problems with the original files
  4. Thats not needed, it was just a head model I was using from the hair pack, of which you can of course download
  5. My Celtics-and-Vikings pack also complains about HP_MaleHead_A not being available. Is it available in another pack? Thank you! Unity 2108.4.20 (required for VRChat 😞 ) UMA 2.10 Mac 10.15.4
  6. Thanks! It appeared to have come some time after it.
  7. Your link was sent immediately after purchase, could you check spam?
  8. Hello, I assume this post is not suitable for this subforum, though I couldn't find any DM link in the Admin's profile. I bought the Assault Force troop for UE4 pack last night and still am waiting for the download link. I looked at the recent posts, and thought it would be a nice idea to urge it by posting here. Thank you!
  9. Just emailed you, you need to import the separate spec map that is provided with the download
  10. So i purchased and downloaded unitypackage with paladin set. It imports to global library, but the material references are broken. That's using unity 2019.3.13
  11. Yeah, I've mentioned re the DWELLER before, this is unavailable now due to me loosing the original files for this
  12. Temple dweller isn't in the downloads section either. https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/collections/uma/products/egyptian-temple-dweller-for-uma-2-5
  13. The gladiator is in the full knight pack download I'll fix the other packs Monday with exception of overseer which is not available at this time due to a technical problem with the pack
  14. I could not find some uma models in downloads: Battle Wizard: https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/products/battle-wizard?_pos=3&_sid=6455240e3&_ss=r Roman Gladiator : https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/collections/uma/products/roman-gladiator-for-unity-uma-2-5-and-above Benedictinve Monk: https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/collections/uma/products/egyptian-pharaoh-overseer Egyptian Pharaoh Overseer: https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/collections/uma/products/benedictine-monk-for-unity-uma-2-5-above Barbarian: https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/collections/uma/products/barbarian
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Unity FLAG Pack
  16. Unity FLAG Pack View File Unity FLAG Pack Submitter admin Submitted 05/22/2020 Category Unity Levels (NEW)  
  17. I would like to get a dragon ball Z avatar and even environment set. i want to start VR chat but i want to "make" my own toon. =P i just need your help with that
  18. Since there are a ton of Fantasy etc outfits it would be nice to have say Cyberpunk, Sci Fi type of clothing etc.
  19. Not sure why that's happening, as I know this doesn't sound helpful, but many users are constantly downloading these packs. I've just tried too, and they downloaded as unity packages Out of interest can you try renaming the extension to. unitypackage?
  20. when I click the download button I get gz files
  21. Those are unitypackages Runningbird, not rar or zips
  22. These are the downloads I'm trying to use Sci Fi Ground Troop 2.5 UMA2 Marine Recon Troop UMA2 Infiltrator UMA if you could rezip those into zip or rar file that would be great.
  23. I've tried it on my Linux and Windows 10 machines. these are .gz files with a tar inside of them.
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