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Hi there, I am Lennaert Hohé, somewhat of an indy game developer in construct 2. Construct 2 is an game development tool developed by two guys in England, www.scirra.com.   Last november I started using this tool and felll in love with its ease of development. During several learning projects I quickly found out something that is still required for any game dev, good images and audio.   Being able to program really quick, which got in the way by slow graphics development on my behalf, was becomming a real pain.   At some point Steve posted a thread on the Scirra forum with a good promotion stunt, and I went for his life time subscription license. He has great work and there is lots of potential with his art.   When Steve made an announcement for the 2D variants of his graphics packs, I was totally excited. I was converting the images myself now for quite a few weeks, and though able to get models done, I was still having troubles getting the larger images, such as buildings and towns done. With the upcoming expansion to Arterias product line, this would be like a dream coming true.   I will try and keep this blog going with several game developments I am doing with the graphics from Arteria   Steve !!! great job !!!       Lennaert




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